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Tech shouldn't make life and business harder. Sole traders, 'solopreneurs', small businesses and charities need to balance the benefits with the costs of adopting more tech. I'd like to get to know you and your business and support you with that balance.

My Services

My current desk setup as of 2016. I am a wedding and portrait photographer and have always believed the space you do work in has a big impact on the quality and kind of work you complete. I have been refining my workspace since I was in high school and I am really happy where it is now!

The cool stuff

Devices and software should make your work more productive and more enjoyable. They can increase efficiency, reduce costs and expand your reach. Tech should help you do more, in less time, more enjoyably. Where I come in is to reduce its downsides: the continuous and increasingly steep learning curve, keeping it all going, and making sure it doesn't de-personalise your business. Your customers come to you, not your devices.
Black and white hats

The other stuff

Safeguard your business against cyber threats with comprehensive security, privacy and data protection measures. Patching, antivirus, backup and recovery. Let me make sure you have the protection and peace of mind you need for your data, safety and privacy. I work to the latest National Cyber Security Centre guidelines so you can have the same protection that bigger firms enjoy.
what’s going on here

Service to suit you

Windows? Macs? Chromebooks? Linux? iPhone? Android? I work to suit you. I can help with networks and Wi-Fi, printers, cloud and on-premises services... even a few AI services that are useful. Most of what I do is remote, but I can visit you and work on site. From one-off consultations, to retained services, let's talk about what fits for you. I can even help with websites, document design, and back office admin. Let's chat.

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